A software platform to modernize and grow your medical practice

Practifly is a full-service software platform empowering doctors to compete in the modern digital landscape, all under one roof.


Our Story


Our parent company, 314e, has about two decades of experience delivering Healthcare IT products and services to large hospitals and hospital chains in the United States.

​With the increasing reliance of patients on the internet to search for and interact with medical providers, a lot of our doctor friends started asking us about website platforms and digital marketing solutions for their own medical practices. They were quite frustrated and would say things like:

  • ​"I need something for my website and marketing that actually works."
  • "I'm so frustrated with the lack of good marketing solutions for my medical practice. It seems like every company I've tried promises the moon but delivers nothing but headaches and wasted money."
  • "I just want a simple, user-friendly website that accurately represents my practice and attracts new patients. Why is that so hard to find?"
  • "I've spent so much time and money on marketing strategies that have produced little to no results. It's incredibly frustrating and disheartening."
  • "It seems like every marketing company out there is just trying to make a quick buck off of doctors."
  • "I know I need to have an online presence to compete in today's market, but I don't have the time or expertise to navigate the complicated world of website design and digital marketing. It's frustrating to feel like I'm falling behind."
  • "I want to convert all patient forms to be digital, but everything seems complicated and costly, and they don't look good either."

​To genuinely help them out, we started looking for options to suggest. But no matter which way we looked, there would always be either a generic website builder with no support for good content or design or a marketing agency with subpar technology and bad ROI. Seeing them struggle while spending time and money on such unfit solutions led to empathy and an epiphany -- We should fill this gap with a technology-first, full-service platform!

This is how Practifly was born. We started with a marketing platform exclusively for independent medical practices in the United States. But our larger mission is to keep building all the technology pieces that a medical practice needs and deserves, in one cohesive package.


What We Do


We build software for independent medical practices to enhance their growth and efficiency.

​For a practice’s growth trajectory, our powerful and modern digital and social media marketing platform helps doctors reach more potential patients through our customized medical marketing solutions. We started with a medical website builder, where we help any doctor easily create a medical website that perfectly fits their practice’s and their patients’ needs.

As for operational efficiency, we specialize in creating digital forms that reduce the practice’s staff’s manual work and simplify the information-sharing process for patients.

​Apart from providing social media marketing, paid marketing, and other services, we are working on adding more products to our offering soon.

​Essentially, we want to create a better, simpler day for doctors so they can do the same for their patients.


About 314e


Founded in 2004, 314e Corporation provides a wide range of healthcare IT products and solutions. From EPIC consulting services and health data analytics to revenue cycle management and staff augmentation, 314e has helped over 250 hospitals across the United States to reduce costs and improve patients’ health and experience.

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